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    15,000 years ago, humans began to create art;

    1,000 years ago, humans began to have artwork signature ;

    Today, humans are going to create an digital metaverse; and it is the time for an art revolution!

    ArtDollar is a meme art experiment in the metaverse world. It is the first token to memorialize this art revolution. Even if the meme token has no intrinsic value, we hope someone will use it and look forward to the experiment result.

  • About AD

    ArtDollar is created to promote and commemorate this historical moment in digital metaverse and art revolution.

    5 founders of ArtDollar are from all around the world , who sponsor the initial design of the project. Each founder retains 2% of the coin as part of the commemoration. In the future, founders will no longer have any management rights over ArtDollar. It belongs to everyone.




    No Taxes,Contract ownership is renounced,No Bullshit,it’s that simple! 


    ArtDollar is a meme token with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. There is no formal team or roadmap. The token is completely useless and for art & entertainment purposes only.


    Phase 1



    Phase 2



    Phase 3

    Be a coin for everyone